Q: Who is Cynergy Europe ApS?

A: Cynergy Europe ApS was founded by James Whitehouse and operates in cooperation with a host of valuable associates across the globe. 

Q: What makes Cynergy Europe ApS stand out from other service providers?

A: Cynergy Europe have unique access to very many resources across Europe, Asia and the US. Through this, we are able to locate very relevant alternatives to costly distributorships and network these services to the end users and partners. We are unique in that we offer the SMT business what has been standard in many other industries for many years, namely a service cooperative that any approved individual service provider can take part in.

Q: Why have Cynergy Europe not been seen to advertise before now?

A: We believe in organic growth. If we are to maintain the concept, we cannot grow too rapidly. We aim to retain our overview and hold on to what justifies our existence, namely close contact to the customers and continually ensuring that we and our partners are living up to what we say we can.

Q: What about manufacturers warranty if we work on equipment which is still covered?

A: Warranty is not affected by service performed by other engineers than from manufacturers or their distributors. If a manufacturer or distributor were to refuse a warranty claim, this would be against EU legislation. Cynergy Europe ApS provide original spare parts unless specifically stated and in written agreement with the customer.


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