Joe Vella

“In a competitive market, Kamstrup always evaluate costs against quality of service when choosing a vendor. Cynergy’s concept brings together the resources and capabilities needed for a machine vendor or end user to maintain their quality of service at a much lower cost.

The limited access to service engineers due to recent cutbacks can result in extended response time which will only cause frustration and prolonged downtime on the production floor.

The idea of a one stop shop for service and parts on a diversity of equipment types can only increase the possibilities of solving service needs in one call.

Having known the founders  of Cynergy for many years as key individuals from the larger established manufacturers such as Siemens and Heller Industries, Kamstrup are confident that they understand the requirements of the business and how to apply the concept.

Cynergy is a fresh approach to the service sector in the electronics industry, giving the other OEM players something to think about


Joe Vella Ottesen

Technical Manager

Kamstrup A/S



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